Financial Risk Management in the Cloud

The complexity of pricing and risk management of financial exposure has increased dramatically during recent years. This has happened both due to the financial crisis, but also as a consequence of technological development. Large institutions invest heavily in future infrastructure. Pension funds, corporates and many banks do not have the same capabilities for investing in software, hardware, know-how and human resources.

We offer software and consultancy services. The service being offered is software, quantitative models and consultancy. The software is a cloud based software solution, which allows users to focus on their primary analytical tasks, while outsourcing IT infrastructure and software to us.

Historical Market Data delivers a complete database containing historical market data for easy use in analysis.
Economic Scenario Generator
A complete Economic Scenario Generator (ESG) for creating future market data states. Both deterministic and stochastic future states are supported.
Valuation of financial instruments through xVA calculations  is supported. The software supports the generation of future exposure, CVA, percentile exposure, etc..
Cloud based
The software is delivered as a cloud-based service. Clients therefore do not have to install any software or any updates. All communication is using secure encrypted connections.
Microsoft Excel
A fully-featured user interface is delivered in Excel. The client therefore only needs to have Microsoft Excel installed and the communication to our servers will happen automatically.
The software is subscription based and can be cancelled within 1 month. This makes it very flexible and risk-less for clients.